The Irish Cricketers Association (ICA) is the collective and representative voice of present male and female international cricketers in Ireland. The ICA is a member of the Federation of International Cricketers’ Association, the global players representative body in cricket.

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The ICAs’ principles are to:

–  Represent the views and interests of its members
–  Protect the rights of its members
–  Support its members personal/ professional development
–  Provide advice and assistance when appropriate
–  Prepare members for the transition out of cricket
–  Pursue initiatives that benefit the membership
–  Promote the sport of cricket
–  Promote a positive relationship with Cricket Ireland

ICA Exec

The ICA Executive Committee is comprised of:
William Porterfield (President)
Cecelia Joyce (Vice-President)
Gary Wilson (Secretary)
George Dockrell (Treasurer)
Mary Waldron (Executive member)
Andrew Balbirnie (Executive member)


There are two classes of membership:

  • CI Contracted Membership
  • CI Non-Contracted Membership
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