Personal Development Programme (PDP)

The PDP is delivered under two headings of Education Guidance and Career Transitioning.

Education Guidance

  • Career guidance
  • Short courses
  • Degrees
  • Trade skills
  • Coaching qualifications
  • Workshops


Career Transitioning

  • CV creation
  • Work experience
  • Short term jobs
  • Longer term employment

Career Guidance

We will discuss personal goals with each member on an annual basis to plan out a pathway for them towards life after cricket. This will involve upskilling them by completing short courses, coaching qualifications, trade apprenticeships, degrees and workshops. We will assist with the organisation of such programmes and, where possible, costs of these will be subsidised or covered by the ICA. We aim to employ a guidance counselor to assist with these meetings and to aid the organisation of such courses and workshops. We aim not only to assist the transition into life after cricket but also to improve performance while playing by reducing stress related to the uncertainty of the transition.


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